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if we're gonna die let's do it looking like a peruvian folk band

sugar baron's daughter
20 January
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D I N N E R and sex?

A GONG SHOW WITH A SEVERE TEA AND TRIFLE ADDICTION. slowly moving here from poziomeczka.livejournal.com because of reasons. also available on DW. all my nicknames are the courtesy of lulahbelle

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a certain miss santos, adventures, alan bissett, angora jumpers, armie hammer's princely stature, audiobooks, aus, avengers, bar brawls, basically i ship everything, bbc, bond films, bruce/tony, channing tatum, chris hemsworth's surfer hair, copious amounts of buttsex, doctor who, drunken sea-captains, elyan/percy, esca/marcus, gannicus/everything, hal/erik, heist aus, homosexual romans, horrible victorian smut, jamie bell, jug-eared slave boys, karl urban's animal magnetism, kiwi stuff, loki/sif, magnus's bitch face, marcus/placidus, merlin/arthur, merlin/morgana, merlinbbc, natasha/clint, old roman shit, placidus/liathan, podfics, repressed reverends, shakespeare, sherlockbbc, sir leon/ myself, snooty socially-impaired tribunes, some high-brow shite, spartacus, spones, star trek reboot, steve/tony, swashbuckling swordfights, tea-sippin', the eagle, thor, thor/loki, tom hiddleston's sentient cuuuurls, tom hiddleston's weasly face, wallander, writing horrible shakespeare fanfic